About me

Thanks for visiting to my blog!

I was born on March 27, 1997. I have interests in many fields including headphones, mechanical watches and many more.

I was interested in headphones until I got my Grado-made Alessandro MS1 which I have had since 2012. The MS1 is just perfect for my ears so I stopped looking for another headphones.

I started collecting watches in 2015 after receiving a Longines Conquest Classic (L619) for my 18th birthday.

I’m currently a student at BBA International Program, Thammasat Business School.

Contact Me

Twitter: twitter.com/artnoi

Google+ : Artnoi P. https://plus.google.com/107167930931218939113/posts?hl=en

 The WhoAskBot
Inspired by the infamous and short-lived @soibot in 2010, I made a Twitter bot based on twitbot.com named @WhoAskBot. The bot later became one of the most famous Twitter bots of its time. It is known for its nonsense tweets and replies.
@WhoAskBot will no longer be updated or suspended as I no longer know its Twitter password.

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